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Is Gelato in Italy Common Frozen Yogurt?

Are you wondering, “Is gelato in Italy common frozen yogurt?”? The answer is yes! This popular Italian dessert is made with whole milk, heavy cream, egg yolks, and sugar. Substitutions are not difficult; however, you might encounter some unnatural ingredients, such as stabilizers, colorings, or preservatives. Gelato is available in many varieties at Italian gelaterias, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the variety.

Gelato carts first began appearing in Rome in the 1920s. While these are no longer in operation, there are small, independent gelaterias on nearly every Roman street. Be sure to look for signs that say “artigianale naturale” or “made on-site.”

The Italian version of ice cream is denser than its U.S. counterpart. The resulting product is thicker and has more sugar than ice cream. While both are common desserts, they are very different. Gelato is typically made with milk rather than cream, and has a higher sugar content. A half-cup serving of milk-based gelato may have anywhere from 10 to 24 grams of sugar. In Italy, gelato may have three to eight grams of fat. However, it is rich in vitamin A and C, and even contains some fiber.

Another Italian tradition is the dessert. In Sicily, gelato is served in brioche buns. It is usually flavored with fruit. The Italian word for fruit is “amarena,” and it is often combined with sugar. Amarena cherries have a peachy taste, and are often used as a topping in gelato. Amarena cherries are also a popular topping.

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