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The Dangers of Extreme Dieting

There are some dangerous side effects of extreme dieting. The effects may be fast weight loss, but they could also cause rebound weight gain. Moreover, these types of diets can damage the heart muscle, increase the risk of cardiac arrest, and slow your metabolism. You should learn about the side effects of these extreme diets before you decide to try them. Read on to learn more about the dangers of extreme diets.

A cabbage soup diet is one example of an extreme diet. Although cabbage soup contains very few calories, the diet can cause an upset stomach. The only food that’s allowed on this diet is cabbage soup, which is devoid of important nutrients. The cabbage soup diet has also been linked to bone loss and impaired vision. It’s best to discuss the dangers of this diet with your doctor before trying it.

While these diets may work fast and get you to the desired weight, they are not healthy. Those who use them often experience weight cycling, plateaus, and worse. Also, they can damage the hormone leptin, which regulates hunger. This hormone signals the brain when the body has enough fat and needs to stop eating. Consequently, crash diets will leave you with the unbalanced metabolism that you started with!

An extreme diet involves severely reducing calorie intake. This may be dangerous because it forces the body to burn more calories than it can metabolize. The body needs approximately 2500 calories for men, and women need around 2000 calories for the same amount. The number of calories required by a person varies depending on his or her age and level of physical activity. In addition, dieticians often recommend a calorie-controlled diet for people with obesity, which would be under the supervision of a physician.

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